Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sick kids

I have spent the last two days at home with sick kids.
I have not slept in the last three days.
Today the kids and I were at Urgent Care three hours total.
We went to pick up medicine for LJ, and it wasn't ready.
The house is a mess.
I wanted to do something creative today, but my willpower is not there.

I have a picture on my wall, of an elephant (which by the way, I feel like one)
"Breathe it all in
Love it all out."

That has been my mantra today.
Yesterday I lost my sh*t for a minute.
Today I'm holding it together.
I guess the big guy upstairs knew I'd need it today more than I did yesterday.
He made my kids little angles.
I'm ready to curl up in a ball, and sleep the day away...wait...I have sick kids.

Sick kids do call for a "photo shoot" and I love me some apps.

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