Thursday, December 12, 2013

Listening for the call

I've been beating myself a bit this year for not feeling the Christmas spirit.
Last year, we got our tree on December 1st, and that day all the decorating was done, and we enjoyed the season. 
This year we also got the tree on December 1st, however I didn't decorate it until three days later.
My house seems bare compared to last year's, although I do have some decorations out.
I'm excited for Christmas, and I'm excited for the family get together.
I think simple is the word for this season for me.
I have been busy with work, kids, working on my e-course, I think something had to give. 
I think simple is the way to go, because really Christmas shouldn't be all this craziness, and who gets more, or who has more lights on their house. 
I think deep down I'm feeling the Christmas spirit more than I have before.  It's in my heart, and my family, and my surroundings.  It's not in spending money, rushing here and there.  It's about the present moment and enjoyment.

I do decorate when I feel called to add things here and there, and that feels great for this year.

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