Monday, November 23, 2015

Writing prompts

A question I'm pondering is this: is it easier to be disappointed in people, or in ourselves?  What hurts more: being let down by others, or letting ourselves down?  Accountability: I hired a writing coach to hold me accountable towards my goal.  It's working...a little bit...because I am starting to dislike being disappointed in myself, and I am tired of making excuses for myself, yet there is this comfort, this knowing that I am stuck with myself forever, and sometimes that allows me to be more graceful with myself than if I had to extend that grace to others.

I recently got a journal which comes with 300 writing prompts.  I have been slacking in my journaling, even the one for me, so I figured that in order to get my butt going in the right direction, I would journal on these prompts daily.  The first prompt is hard already, but the only way to do something is to actually do it.  I will be going back and forth between here and my real journal.

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."  Albert Einstein

Describe the best mistake you've ever made and all the positive things you learned from that mistake.

Ready. Set. Journal.
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