Sunday, May 31, 2015

Self-care ideas

I have a whole post ready about self-care, but because it's Sunday and I do have to work in the evening, here are just a couple quick things that make me think of self-care:

-brushing teeth
-getting dressed in the morning
-playing with pretty paper
-following your dreams with knees shaking
-reading a favorite magazine
-watching a favorite TV show in peace
-asking for time alone
-making time for friends, sometimes inside the chaos
-yard work
-trying something new
-not worrying about anyone else's opinion - we are all just people

These are just a couple things.  I will have more soon.
Happy Sunday

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Small steps

Where do you go when you have nothing to say?
Where do you go when you have a lot to say but it doesn't want to come out right?
I keep reading that in order to write, one has to write, even if nothing comes out.
I've been wanting to do a challenge of writing every day for 30 days, but that's not my style.
I have been thinking A LOT lately about excuses, and taking small steps toward goals. 
Each day I do just one thing off of my to do list for small steps, I feel like a rock star.
Each day I get a little further into my daydreams, I feel lighter and more motivated at the same time.
We all start somewhere.
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