Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween night

I live with two crazy Halloween people.
They've been waiting for this day since January.
I don't want to bust any one's bubble...
I'm very blah about it, only because of spiders.
Yup...I'm that girl.
I will enjoy all these candles that I got to lit :)
I do love candles.
Be safe out there.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

That feeling

Do you ever have one of those day where nothing has gone wrong, yet you still don't feel right?
Today was one of those days for me, and I still can't shake the feeling of blah.
After work I ventured to an antique store in search of some handkerchiefs.
I found some...yet I felt they were too expensive...and I really don't know what expensive is when it comes to those things.  I want to make a banner using handkerchiefs, and I just wasn't willing to pay for something that could turn out horrible.
I then walked a couple steps to a nearby Re-Store, and saw this awesome caddy with bottles pictured above, and my heart smiled.  I like rustic combined with clean, so the aged look of the wood, and the sparkle of the bottles were singing sweet music to me.
I looked at the tag...$90.00!!!  Again, I'm no expert, but I wasn't willing to spend that kind of money.
I went home empty handed.  A quick trip to Michael's left me completely spent physically, and upon returning home the last thing I wanted to do was craft.
Days like these don't happen often.
I know I need to paint soon, as this feeling of blah is a sign, a calling of sorts to get my soul right. 
I did buy a set of four handkerchiefs at the good ol' Goodwill for a reasonable price, and I'm excited to play around with it. 
Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow is a new beginning.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vision pages

Tonight as we were carving pumpkins, I couldn't help but be "called" by the People magazine laying on my table.  On the cover the words "SECRET WEDDING" were in my sight line.  As I'm already married, and not planning another wedding, it was the SECRET part that called me.

It's been a while since I've done a vision book.
I didn't even know I needed to make one. 

Once I started flipping through pages, all kinds of words were calling out to me.  I had to add some pictures in there, otherwise it would have looked like a cross word puzzle.

I think the above words are things I crave, are things I feel that are coming, are things I'm willing to expose.

I think this page is my brave side, my dream big side, my 'get sh*t done' page

How about you?
Is a vision board calling you?
What if you just sit down and see what comes?
Let me know

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Believe, listen, create

My friend Megan used to say "it's 11:11...make a wish."

My wish for this blog is to be successful.

My wish for this blog is to be an interesting, and inspiring place for all who visit.

My wish for myself is to simply BELIEVE.

My wish for myself is to simply LISTEN.

My wish for myself is to simply CREATE.

Please join me on my journey of believing, listening, and creating. 

Please, do these things WITH me.

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