Thursday, August 28, 2014

vision page

my only goal for today was to make a vision page
a page of what i want to feel like when i lose weight
i can very clearly imagine the feelings i want
i don't have the supermodel body i'm striving for picked out just yet...
...just kidding...i struggle with body image, but for some reason i already know what i'll feel like

this is not the final draft, but this will go on my wall, because i need to see it every day

then i found this bit by Michael Jordan and i say "damn you," because i do quit, and i know now that i quit out of habit, and this quote has been hunting me for days now, because he is right, and because quitting has become part of my story

i also stumbled upon this gem: the pain is real, and the hurt is real, and like i was telling my husband today, i am tired of the hurt and the pain, and i do not longer wish to live this way. unfortunately for me anger is an emotion that lives on the surface way too often, due to said hurt and pain, but i know now that i can turn it into a reward. i am going to make my anger turn my hurt and pain into a reward, by not quitting.  ever.

what inspires you? what images or quotes live in your head for days before you let them out?

Saturday, August 23, 2014


things that make me go hmm:

- skipping my meds
- my dinner being the largest meal of the day
- pushing away good things
- pushing away good people
- not following through
- snapping - at good people

sometimes this self-discovery/growth thing is a major pain in the ass
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