Monday, March 31, 2014

Music reads

Music...I totally love it.
(Who remembers TRL on MTV?)
I have been so thirsty for reading lately.
I read constantly, and with two small children, that really means 10 minutes here and there.  Magazines, books, the Internet.  I read and read.  It fills my soul with information, my mind with knowledge.
I want to better take care of myself, and I also want to better care of others.  That includes my own family and friends, as well as total strangers that might happen upon this blog. 

As I've mentioned before, I mostly write when inspiration strikes, which sometimes is not often.
I keep a hand written journal for things I need to figure out on my own, and trust me, SO many things, but it's OK, life is an adventure, and I think the more we get to experience, the more we try to acknowledge and take part in, the more we feel, see, believe.

I am very tempted to make a promise that I will blog here all day, every day.
I am tempted to set myself a schedule for this blog.
I am tempted to announce an e-course I've been wanting to run.

I am tempted by faith and believing that all these things can happen and be real.

The real though is that I will try my best.  I will do what I can.  Whether that is once a week, once a month, I don't know.  I am sure that the more the better (fingers crossed content will grow as I do) 
All I know is that I am looking for a tribe, I am looking for a place to blossom, I am looking to be place of soft landings for whoever needs it. have been so good.
You have gone by too fast. 
I want a do over.
I want April to be just as great.
I want May to be even better.

I will leave you with this:

"Do your job better than it has ever been done before" Pete Carroll

Monday, March 17, 2014

Inspired to write here

This has been a quiet space lately, and that's just how things go.
I know that writing more will make me better at writing, however when it comes to this blog, I usually only post when I feel called to it.

The last couple weeks have been spent in happiness, some sickness, and lots of adjustment.
My job promotion has me seeing things from a different perspective.
I'm doing lots of new things, and to be honest, I think I'm kind of a Rock Star at it.
Time will tell, and I'll remain humble, just had to share it somewhere.

As always I've been craving lots of quiet time, however I am learning to do pleasurable things, such as reading, writing, drawing, by including the kids.  I love to read, and as much as I'd prefer to read the books I want, reading to them tops it every time.

I've been a little obsessed with color pens, almost buying a set for $180.00
My husband must have been near by, because my common sense kicked in and I only spend $20.00
I'm glad I did because better pens, would not have made me a better artist.  I'm not advanced enough in this new skill.

I'm hoping to do some more clearing out from the cottage.
Apparently O played in the cottage with her friend today for about five hours. 
My husband laughed and said he was their personal assistant, bringing them food and drinks, checking in on them.  I'm glad they had fun, but I will tell you and them, that is MAMA'S spot.  I'm willing to share...I think.
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