Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold temps

I find it so ironic that I chose warmth as the theme for December, and we're experiencing the lowest temperatures this season.  I make it a challenge even when I don't mean to. 

There are many ways to keep warm or to get warm, but I think the first step is to listen to our body and know when we are cold and need to warm up.  I find myself walking around in a tank top around the house, and at times, when I'm not moving much, something feels a bit off.  Then I touch my arms, and feel coldness, or get the chills.  I run, put on a shirt, and then think to myself "you should have done that an hour ago!"  Sometimes we get in such a hurry, that we don't listen to the basic signs of what our body is feeling and what it needs.

I hope that everyone out there is able to get warm when needed.
In this season I feel so many blessings: my family and friends, my home, my "stuff." I realize that not everyone is so fortunate to have the basic things in life, and it saddens me.

Stay warm my friends.


  1. oh how i *wish* i could feel cold! we live in southeast asia, and cold for us is around 75 degrees. i feel happy when it's cool enough to wear a sweatshirt. of course, all the locals have knit hats and gloves and heavy coats on at that temperature! {p.s. found you on casey's linkup!}

    1. I love cold when there is snow...which of course we didn't get here, but the temps have gone up, and I've been feeling warmer :) I love Casey's blog. Thank you for visiting

  2. I wish that was me!! I am pretty much always freezing!!!


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