Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where are you?

I promised myself this year that I would do only one holiday at a time.
I decorate for fall in September, for Halloween in October.
I wasn't going to do anything crazy for Thanksgiving as my in-laws are cooking, which brings me to now: I want to decorate for Christmas!
Yup, it's November 12th and I'm already living in the future!
I don't like it.
It makes me anxious and nervous, and out of control.
I want to enjoy each and every holiday, each and every get together, each and every day for what it brings.
I'm sure all the store decorations are not helping.
Starting a Christmas pin board probably wasn't a good idea either.
Signing up for yet another gift/letter/card exchange doesn't help either.
I'm holding back as much as I can...but boy oh boy, if anymore coupon or gift books arrive at my house, I might just cave in.

Where are you at?
Have you thrown caution to the wind and said I'M READY FOR DECEMBER!!!

Wherever you are, enjoy what you're doing.
I've been decorating the gift boxes I'll use to mail my goodies in.

The one on the left, I was going for an ombre look.
The one on the right, I was going for the dipped in paint look.
Neither box is finished yet. but it makes me happy to be working on something.


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