Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Key and three candles

It's one of those days where being home is the only right thing to do.

Cheryl's daughter has finished cleaning out the cottage.
She turned in Cheryl's key.
The cottage is empty.
Although I want to turn it into my studio, I'm still having a hard time going there. 
My last trip was actually a couple days ago, and I could see my vision, which made me happy.
I miss Cheryl.

Today marks the third year anniversary of my grandpas death.
I have been lighting candles for him since the day he died.
It was a tragic death.
We're all still reeling from it.
I hope his soul is resting peacefully, wherever it is.
I miss him.

Sometimes I feel like reality sucks, but this is the life I'm living.
I know things will be okay.
In fact they're okay right now.
Just a little empty, yet that's what memories are for.

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