Friday, April 10, 2015

Seven days

Seven days.
That has proven time and again is my attention span to new things: diets, cleanses, art.
But this is day 10, and although I have sipped coffee and devoured a bagel, my brain, heart, body are telling me: you know better than that. 
I know that for me, little indiscretions add up.
I know a candy here and a bite here become a bag of candy and a whole cake.
I feel like standing on the street corner and giving people advice.
I feel like shouting "I KNOW IT ALL, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO."
I feel like helping others is better than taking my own advice.
I believe with my whole heart that we teach what we ourselves need/lack.

I feel like letting my soul explode and say FUCK IT ALL. 
I feel like living a carefree life, yet still be able to pay my bills.
I feel like taking a day off and not having to tell a soul if I spend it all in bed.

I feel that I am rebelling against all that I was taught.
I feel that maybe my mouth will get my in a lot of trouble.
I feel like picking a fight, even if my heart is in my throat, chocking the words out.

This might be my rebel year.
This might be my coming out, my middle finger, my liberation.
I love days like these.

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