Sunday, March 29, 2015

100th time

If I had a $1 for the many lives and faces this blog has had, I could quit my job.
I want to quit my job anyways, but I'm just saying.
I wrote in my journal about a week ago "I'm done with my blog.  I suck at it, it sucks, I can't do it."
This came from a place of frustration, comparison, lack of time, lack of faith, and patience.
I get easily influenced by the words of blogging experts, and I get easily influenced by the beautiful images of people who are either professional photographers, or who have been blogging for years, and are just near perfect at it.  I do not have the time most days to structure a blog post.  That is part truth and part excuse.  What I can do is actually try, like really really try, and do it my way.  Do me.  If my humor doesn't translate, so be it.  If my pictures aren't magazine quality, so what.  Since I've first heard of blogging and started blogging, I have always had the feeling that I just want to share with folks.  Although I know by now that I am not the only one out there that looks like me, feels like me, thinks like me, etc. I still feel there is a gap or maybe a need for me to share my corner of the world, of my mind, and my experiences. 

Here is to starting over again.  For the 100th time.  For the same reason I started. 


  1. Izabela, I came across your blog from design8 #20blogtrends. I have to agree with you that many bloggers have lost their voice and style after they became big. I think the same goes with the celebrity world. Anyways, I am glad your are coming back for the 100th time. Keep up your blogging spirit!

    Juju Sprinkles

    1. Thank you so much. I just can't quit it so I might as well keep working at it. :)

    2. Oh...I LOVE your pages. Game of Thrones...I can't even breathe until Sunday :)

  2. Many good wishes on your new blog. Feeling the April LOVE.

    1. Thank you so much. I Love April Love :)


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