Sunday, April 19, 2015


For every decision I've made today.
For every ill word I spoke today.
For every scream.
For every yell.
For every temper tantrum.
For every bad thought. 
For every curse word.
For every doubt.
For every minute I ignored my kids.

These days seem to be so tough lately.  The more present I try to be, the more absent I actually am.  I could blame it all on my work, but I know it's my choices, and my decisions, and my reactions.  I am fully responsible for all of it, because all of it come from me. 

There are parts of me that I like so much.  There are parts of me that I want to share with others.  There are parts of me that FEEL so deeply that I can succeed in a new adventure.  I just feel that if I have to stop and reset every single thing, every single human error, it will take me ages. 

Yet I don't think there is another way.  I don't think without resetting things will get any better, and it also allows for me to STOP, and breathe, and THINK.  I feel so much, it's thinking I need to do more of. 

Have you reset today?

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