Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quote This

I hear often at work "you'll never see me again"
I often replay to this "if I had a dollar...I wouldn't need to work here."
In reality, if I had a dollar, or probably just 50 cents for all the ideas I have, yet don't do...
you guessed it, I wouldn't need to work at all.
Yet I'm doing something, even if on the surface, or in my heart, I don't know what I'm doing.

I might have shared here before my love/hate relationship with quotes. 
To recap:
as a teenager I loved Chicken Soup for the Soul books!
To read about all these incredible people who went through so much in life, and held on to hope.
To daydream that maybe one day, I could get my most desired outcome.
I probably had thirty books.
Each better than the last.
Yet as life went on and didn't magically get better, people magically didn't change, and I didn't change for the better, I decided that hope is bullsh*t, that believing is for fairies, and that like it or not, I've been filling my head with garbage. 
My reasoning was confirmed when I tried to trade in my Soul books at an old book store, and the owner said "I'll take them, but they have no value."
AHA...I knew it. 
All crap.
A L L C R A P!

Throughout the years I'd pick up a quote or two, write it down, toss it out.
Quotes are from people who have "made it," who have succeeded, who have their sh*t together.
Not me.

Last night I stayed up until 2A.M. writing quotes I found on an Instagram page.
I wrote for two hours!!! and I remembered my cynicism, and I also remembered that I know now that life is not beautiful, uplifting quotes, but life is encouraged, and enriched by people who have "made it," and by people who have succeeded, and if a quote can touch my heart, it can also touch someone else.

Starting Wednesday February 18th, 2015, I will start a new and first series for this blog.
Quote This will be just that: I will share a quote, carefully chosen, and I will share my interpretation of it, how it's helping me, what it means to me.
I would love for anyone out there to join me by leaving a comment in the comments section telling me how a given quote has inspired them, or helped them, or even made them mad. 
I am slowly starting to believe that a positive attitude CAN be achieved by surrounding oneself with positivity.
Join me.
I think this is going to be great :)

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