Thursday, February 12, 2015



"Appreciation and support begins within. Self-support is reflected in the way in which we “spend” our time and utilize our space. "

This is so fitting to what I've been discovering and noticing lately.
My Candy Crush game is off my phone.  No more.  It was eating up too much of my time.  Time literally wasted.  Not even to relax, but to dumb, to avoid, to check out mentally.  No more.

Just the other day I found myself in a place of "I'm tired of the computer, I don't want to look at my phone, what do I do?"
Sit with the kids
I know, it's embarrassing, and it's also a choice.
I sat on the couch, and before my butt touched the cushion, my daughter was curled up in my lap.
Joy, love, humbling.
Always choose your kids, and not as a last resort or an after thought, no more.

I managed to walk to the cottage yesterday, and in an attempt to get rid of the blue carpet there, I got to do some cutting.
There is some fake tile under the carpet.

After pulling away some tile, I found this black surface, which I don't know what it is.  In a couple days, when my eye is healed (eye infection) I'm going to rip up the whole carpet.  No reason to wait.  The black surface looks much better than the blue fuzzy carpet.
I had to take a shot of this closet. 
Here is what I'm hoping it will look like soon.
Reading alcove
Yes, I do plan on a window.
LOVE THIS IDEA...put molding around a closet, remove the door, add lights and comfy seat with pillows to make a unique and special reading nook.
This is going to take lots of work and lots of time, but it is possible, and I intend to do it. 

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