Tuesday, February 10, 2015


For the amount of time I spend on the Internet, it was bound to happen: the Internet has taught me something.
It showed me that I am impatient, and that instant gratification has become part of who I am.
Maybe not the most positive traits to have, but how full circle that the thing that I waste my time on the most, has taught me that I need to slow down, and really, I just need to chill.

Anytime there is a problem with connection.
Anytime I have to wait a full second.
Anytime I have to WAIT period.
I move my mouse, I check the connection, I say "come on come on COME ON!" about a gazillion times. 
I am in a hurry to get to the next web page, to see that next image, to figure out what my future holds.

It was the other day when my online game wouldn't load. 
That game: Candy Crush...NOTHING important. 
I was so close to just banging my head against my desk, because damn it, I needed to crush some candy!

It was the other day when my e-mail wouldn't load fast enough.
I had e-mails to read, life changing e-mails, about how other people are doing business, and one of those days they will send THE e-mail my way that will let me in on their SECRET.
Note: I know there is no secret.  Consistency and determination - that's the formula.

This self-realization made me chuckle, and then frown, and then feel all sorts of emotions all at the same time. 

Unless I use the Internet to actually reach my goals, whatever those are these days, I am wasting time, and I am doing myself disservice, and I am doing my family disservice. 

Is the Internet a time waster for you too?

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