Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pop Off The Page

Pop Off The Page
it's quite literal really, the meaning of this blog.
I know I am not alone when I say I can spend hours reading blogs, and pinning things.
comparison is the devil, it truly is.
it's made me feel insecure, not good enough, not talented.
then one day I read somewhere (Tiffany Han) that we all have a story.
our story doesn't have to be elaborate, or all that exciting.
it doesn't have to be filled with pain, and loss.
it can be filled with anything: good-bad-indifferent.
once we accept our story, whether we chose to share it or not,
our story can be such a wonderful guide for the rest of our life.
my story is not tragically dramatic.
my story has it's lows and highs,
pleasant and unpleasant events have happened,
people have come and gone and left an impression.
my story is not over.
at 33 years old, I'm actually just starting.
I feel this is only the beginning simply because I am just now discovering new dreams, and new opportunities, and as an adult, I get to choose what will become part of my story.
I choose to live a full life.
I choose to take what I like, and see if it will fit with my life.
I am cautious.
I know I'm not truly in control.
my path has already been laid out, I'm just on a journey to find all the right twists and turns.
it wasn't until I turned 30, that I began thinking, and dreaming of living a more creative life.
I am seeing where this takes me.
I still have a 9 to 5, although I don't work those hours at all
I want to explore what is possible out there,
therefore once I see something, read something, dream up something, I want to pursue it by getting off the internet, getting my head out of the books, and magazines, and getting my butt in gear and doing the ground work.
trust me when I tell you that fear has a strong hold on me.
sometimes the smallest projects give me great anxiety, and I know that in order to follow my dreams, I need to put myself out there, I need to do the work without waiting for the perfect moment.
in this space I want to share my trials and tribulations of dreaming up a new dream in my 30's, and seeing what can become of it. 
I want to Pop Off The Page, and put in some real life experience. 
then I want to get back here and document it. 
that is all.
I hope anyone out there in a similar situation joins me on this journey.
I hope I can encourage and inspire somebody who is scared to search out for a new goal.
I do not know if anything will come of my dreams, and ideas, but unless I try, actually really try, I know then nothing will come of it.  


  1. I love this. So perfect and true. I'm just entering my 30s and the journey has just begun!


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