Tuesday, September 16, 2014

let me do it the right way

I just hate it when I leave this place alone for too long.
I know better than to do that.
there are days when I think in journal or blog posts.
there are days I am filled with so much motivation, yet talk myself out, or hide from what I think I could achieve. 
the hubby and I had a date night yesterday, and it was just so nice to talk to him without interruptions.

it did help that this was our view.

we talked about important stuff: money to be exact.
and he knows what my dreams are, and he knows what keeps me from reaching those goals.
he also knows that I am in my own way most days.
there is nothing in my life that can hold me accountable.
believe it: I have a health coach, a counselor, and a doctor I see quite frequently
my little entourage is not keeping me accountable.
they try.
I'm a hard/tough cookie to break.

I can hold myself accountable, but that has been something I've been slacking in.
I feel that with our new financial plan, I'm going to be able to go back to basics.
I think I will be able to not only be challenged, but I will impress myself.
accountability is huge.
so as we're going on a financial adventure, I will keep accountable and motivated.
fear has no more room in my life.
as we're moving forward in life and trying a new adventure, I want to be all in.

by this Thursday, I will be back with a post about what Pop Off The Page is all about for me, and what I hope it is for any readers out there.

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