Monday, July 7, 2014


There are too many things to name, so I'm making a list I saw on

Making:  this list
Cooking:  not much. I will make dinner tomorrow for sure, just have to decide what I want
Drinking:  lemonade, ALL SUMMER LONG!
Reading:  The Paleo Kitchen by Juli Bauer & George Bryant, and The Champion's Mind by Jim Afremow
Wanting:  a clear head
Looking:  tired and out of shape
Playing:   Candy Crush
Deciding:  do I stay or do I go?
Wishing:  for a different, better life (feeling ungrateful and guilty)
Enjoying:  quiet
Waiting: ??????
Liking:  blooming flowers
Wondering:  is life really THIS difficult, or do I just make it so?
Loving:  my family, who loves me though this
Pondering:  should I stay or should I go?
Watching:  Tyrant looks like a good, new show
Hoping:  for clarity
Marveling:  how beautiful quiet is
Needing:  motivation, encouragement
Smelling:  flowers
Wearing:  yoga pants and tank top
Following:  the thoughts in my head that tell me multi-tasking is not always a good thing
Noticing:  my grumpiness
Knowing:  life sucks (sorry for the negativity, just had to get it out)
Thinking:  I have a lot of things to do tomorrow
Feeling:   out of sorts
Admiring:  strong people
Sorting:  bills
Buying:  maybe a FitBit, not sure, still thinking about it
Getting:  anxious
Bookmarking:  nothing
Disliking:  my struggle
Opening:   hopefully my heart
Giggling:  at the things my kids say
Feeling:   a bit relieved after making this list

How about you? How are you?

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