Monday, January 12, 2015

the package

"Awareness is the first step in being able to assess what's not working for you.  Once you are aware, then you have information that you can use to decide what you might do (or think) differently moving forward." Lisa Sonora

How I love smart women.  Lisa Sonora is just such a woman, and I've been doing her 30 Days Journal Prompt writing since the beginning of January, and little snippets like the quote above get my brain going. 

A thought after being aware of what is not working.

Some musicians, young and old, have said that in earlier years, all one had to do was sing well, and the record company would "make a star" out of them.  These days, not only do you need to sing well (sometimes) but you also have to look like a million bucks.  You have to come in off the street as a brand, as a package, as a SUPER STAR.

I feel like that's also how I look at established blogs and writers.  I feel like I need to come out with a beautiful, clean internet space right out of the gate.  I need to be an "expert" without having any real expertise.  I need to have the look, the sound, the following...with just one post.

A bit unrealistic?  I'd say so. 

The other day I listened to a podcast and a snippet that caught my attention was something along the lines of "being a boss is looking flawless...ten years later." 

I no longer feel the pressure to be THE BEST BLOG.
I also don't feel the need to learn coding, professional photography, cooking, perfect child raising, on and on and on. 
I do me...what I know, what I want, and what I hope will work.

One thing I know for sure.
Comparison does NOT work when trying to be me.

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