Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deal with the real problem

I'm becoming a firm believer that one should deal with what the actual problem is.
I have depression.
I'm dealing with my depression.
I'm not dealing with my body being overweight right now. That will come.
I'm not worrying about my house being clean right now.  That will come.
I'm not dealing with crafting, selling, keeping up.  That will come in some form or another later on in my life.
I am dealing with my depression and coping the best way I know how.
I have come such a long way, and I don't know how much I have to go.
If things remained the way they are right now, mood wise, I will be OK with that.
If maintaining my depression with medication is where I need to be at, I'm OK with that.
Avoiding my problem, filling it with something else, not staring truth in the face is not acknowledging the problem, or tending to it. 
(I don't think I like the word fix it when it comes to our bodies and minds)
By slowing down, and bearing my soul to myself just a couple days ago, I feel so much pressure has lifted, so much clarity has been shown to me, so much space for me to breath into my life.
 The book I'm currently reading by M.D. David D. Burns.  It's changing my mind for the better

My favorite reading nook.  My kitty decided to jump in as soon as she saw my phone on my hand.


  1. Hang in there... you are brave and strong for sharing your story. I hope you find more strength and clarity in your quiet days. And I love your cat... my kitty does the same! <3


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