Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello new friend


You are here.
I tried hard not to get my hopes up, cause really, nothing is different today, however there is an energy in the air, there is an energy inside of me, there is a hope inside of me, there is faith inside of me...things that were not there yesterday. Mere 24 hours ago, I did not feel so hopeful and excited about my possibilities.  

And today, today I didn't even do all that good.
I had about five pieces of fudge, one giant cookie, McDonald's for dinner, and no exercise.  Yet I'm not calling myself a loser, I don't think I'll wake up ten pounds heavier, and I know I can start over tomorrow.  I can actually start over right now, which I'm doing with a tall glass of water.  

I have hope.
All the reading, and learning, and journaling I did in 2013 is finally showing it's effects on me.  I think my brain has actually been rewiring this whole time, and it's today I realized that new knowledge and information is sticking to my soul.

I don't know what you'll bring.
Here is what I'm hoping for, and here is what I will work on:
- traveling: out of state, and out of the country 
- getting healthy: I will finally take that aerobics class (I rocked in high school), I will finally check out that yoga class I've been admiring from afar, I will have a couple great friends joining me on my new eating adventures - built in support
- getting the cottage set up as my studio - it's happening, my mind and heart are ready
- I want to listen to more hip-hop, I know, random, but my soul has a beat inside, and that's how I roll

2014, I think we'll be friends.

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