Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brain stuff

My mind has been occupied with so many things, BIG things, little things, important things, first world problem things.

Sometimes I feel like there is too much going on in my head, which causes anxiety, which causes long pauses, and breathing, and gentle reminders to be patient. 

I have started working with a writing coach for a book idea.  She says it sounds great, she says there is a market and need for what I want to do, and that is just sweet music to my ears.  I actually wrote her an e-mail today telling her how wonderful it feels to be working on an idea.

I have started a Master's program in counseling.  I think three classes is too much to take on, but it's too late to drop now, so until next semester, I'll just keep reading and writing over and over again, until every assignment is turned in.

I have been binge watching the I Am Cait show on E! and I am just blown away by EVERYTHING.  I don't think I can explain what I am feeling, thinking, understanding.  One of the most powerful things I took from an episode was what an ally really was.  Just saying "I accept you," doesn't mean you're an ally.  Asking "what do you need from me?" and then doing it.  An example given was "what do you need from me?" the answer "I need you to help me get through this crowd unharmed, be my bodyguard," and then doing it, that's an ally.  I never knew this.

My friends best friend is fighting for her son's life.  I think and pray for them every night.  Little AJ is a fighter.  His mama and dad and sister are incredible people.  Thinking positive thoughts for this family.

Sleep...something I need. 

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