Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wake up your butterflies

It seems so simple.
I applied for a new job, and all the weight of the world got lifted off my shoulders.
I only applied.  I didn't get a new job.  After thinking about it I turned down an interview.  That job and money is not for me. 
I applied because I could.
I applied to show myself that I am not stuck in my current position.
I applied because I am the one making choices, not someone else.
I applied to let it be known that I am moving on, even if it's in a small way.
My friend called me after work yesterday, and she said "it's so good seeing you smile again." I told her I didn't know what it was, why I felt so happy, and she said "you feel free."
That's exactly how I feel.
Ever since I filled out an application, I am paying more attention at my current job, I am more involved, I am more present.
This might be normal behavior, but I know this freedom I'm feeling is because I am not stuck any more.
I see my goals.
I can feel them inside.
I can feel my body reacting with butterflies in my stomach. 
I think because I have worked hard for the last 10 years, I'm not delusional about things being easy, coming easy, going according to plan.  I am aware that I'll have to work harder, longer, smarter, yet all of that is what makes this so exciting.
I am excited about my future.

What is one small step you could take today to wake up your butterflies?


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